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Kinds of Footstools

footstool Footstools are used to rest legs and feet, provide extra seating, or to blend in as an accessory to a living room group. The general term encompasses more specialized forms, known as ottomans and hassocks. Older renditions of footstools were entirely made of wood and worked quite well, doubling as a step stool. Today, you can select footstools that are short and plain or long and well padded. Your purpose and style should be the contributing factors.

Types of Footstools

Most footstools are supported by four, short wooden legs that offer support for resting legs and feet. However, cube stools can have a solid bottom, with only protective nubs. The cubes are perfect for giving everyone in the room a footstool of their own, when purchased in a group of four. You can also put them together, like a square puzzle, and use as extra seating. Leather, tweed, or durable cotton is often the fabric of choice when used in a family room setting.

Storage footstools are perfect for keeping remotes, games or papers tucked away, but close enough to enjoy. They can be decorated to match your furniture and can be small or large. A rounded, cushioned top can also add an extra seat for pulling up to a game table. A wicker storage unit with a vinyl padded top, is perfect for use on a porch or patio, keeping loose items protected from a breeze.

Long, elegant footstools that resemble coffee tables are popular for providing many purposes. Known as frame tables or club bench footstools, they are much sturdier than a regular table and usually offer durable materials, covering a flattened surface. Use in front of furniture for displays or for resting your feet after a long day. Move your long footstool to the side for extra seating or use for holding a game board.

The design of footstools has expanded over the years, offering new shapes, sizes and fabrics than ever before. Shop around and be amazed at the choices that can add the right atmosphere, and comfort, to your living space.
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